Heidi's Eye - "Eye? Just the one? Odd name...where did that come from?" It came from people saying "my, you have quite a good eye for..." Truth be told, I actually have two eyes, so erase that Cyclops image from your brains (as if you can now...). My name is Heidi Hutchinson, and I am an amateur photographer, animal lover and avid gardener from the seacoast area of New Hampshire. My favorite subjects are flowers, wildlife, animals, birds, and whatever awesome and unique beauty nature provides.

    I've been taking photos (and wasting a lot of film) since the '70s when I bought my first SLR. I moved to blessed digital, and began selling my photos and note cards in the spring of 2007 in local shops and craft fairs. I continue to grow, I hope, and explore more outlets. Hope you enjoy the view!